Welcome to the Mixedwood Ecology and Management Web Site.

This chair was funded by donations from Forest Renewal British Columbia and Slocan Forest Products Ltd. The endowment is administered by the University of Northern British Columbia.

The role of the FRBC-Slocan Chair of Mixedwood Ecology and Management is to support the UNBC mission by delivering strategic, technological, and policy solutions to mixedwood issues, and by advocating new directions and opportunities for mixedwood management and research.

The UNBC mission will be supported by high standards of undergraduate and graduate teaching, by building research partnerships throughout the region, and by being responsive to community needs. Technological solutions will be developed for problems which will be identified by our partner (client) group, and which fit within the overall framework of the program. By the UNBC Chair playing an advocacy role, an elevated profile will be created for the mixedwood program.

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